Honours Nomination

The Community Radio Awards has an Honours programme to recognise those who have made a significant impact to the community radio sector.

Nominations can be of any age, or experience in regard to community radio. They may have worked within or be connected to the wider sector; they do not need to have been directly associated with a particular station.

We are looking for people who have displayed outstanding or exceptional service who have, for example, implemented change, demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship, sustained selfless voluntary service, or brought distinction to the sector.

The nominations form is below, include as much detail as possible, the DEADLINE for nominations for 2024 is Midnight 1st July 2024

You must include at least 2 letters of support, 1 of which MUST be from outside of the station from which the nominee is from. The letter must from someone with first-hand knowledge of the nominee and can detail their impact. Use the uploader on the form below.

All nominations will be treated as confidential. Please do not let the nominee or others know about their nomination as it is not fair to raise any expectations. If a nominee is unsuccessful, they can be renominated in subsequent years.

We will acknowledge receipt of your nomination after the deadline, but we will not enter into any discussion.

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