Community Radio Awards Honours

In 2021 we launched an Honours programme to honour those who have provided outstanding or exceptional service to Community Radio.

Those enrolled into the Community Radio Awards Honours are;

Audrey Hall

For her decades of presenting and producing radio, and for community activity in support of and to increase representation of the black community in Greater Manchester, with most recently being part of the team at AllFM.

Danny Lawrence

For his 20 plus years’ service to community radio, at various stations across the country, including the last 15 years at Gateway 97.8, for his services representing and supporting the sector with roles at the CMA, for founding the Radio Hub, and also in the last year supporting stations to give out thousands of free radios to those lonely and isolated.

Graham Laycock

For over 50 years of exceptional commitment to Community radio and his outstanding dedication to Brooklands Radio and the volunteers within it.

Nathan Spackman

For his significant impact in the development of Bro Radio in Wales, especially illustrated by the station winning station of the year at last year’s awards, but also his continued work at developing and representing the sector, locally in Wales as the founding co chair of the Welsh community radio network and co-founder of the UK Community Radio Network

Soo Williams

For her work at Ofcom being instrumental in facilitating the creation of community radio in its current form, and for overseeing its implementation until her retirement last year.

Tony Smith

For his hard work and dedication over the last 20 plus years launching and running Angel Radio, who support an underserved older audience.

Geoff Rogers

Geoff has been a constant team member in community radio with sustained voluntary service in many areas, the impact and influence of Geoff’s achievements is immense for Susy Radio; he is a role model for volunteers with the hard work he puts into the running of the station.

Bill Best

Bill has been a figurehead and advocate for Community Radio, dedicating over 20 years of his life to the CMA, supporting the growth of the sector and representing it on every level. His vision has developed new technologies to support the growth of the sector, whilst delivering events, and initiatives which have seen community radio thrive during his time.